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The weather is an important consideration for anyone wanting to fly. Sustained wind speed is less significant than gusts. A small trainer .40-size plane can be flown in a 15-mph wind successfully, and if you are landing into the wind, it is actually easier, because your speed through the air remains higher as the ground speed slows down. If the wind is gusting from 15 to 25 this can make flying unpredicatable as the lift provided by the airspeed will change dramatically as the wind speed changes..

While an aeroplane is in flight, a 15 mph wind, and an airspeed of 30 mph, the aeroplane has a 45 mph ground speed when flying downwind, and a 15 mph ground speed when flying upwind, even though  it has the same airspeed of 30 mph, both directions. 

Aeroplane handling near the ground can become much more difficult. Gusty winds make landing approaches unpredictable as lift generated by the combination of wind and air speed varies significantly with each gust.  A steady wind is less of a problem. 

As our weather tends to vary across small distances, the weather forecast here will help to judge the current conditions at the flying site. If the weather is unsuitable you will be contacted and an alternative time arranged for your booking.